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Digital Tachograph Driver Cards Early Expiry Error

DVLA have highlighted an issue with digital tachograph driver cards issued between 27 March 2007 and 31 August 2008, which causes them to malfunction (showing that the card is not valid or has expired when neither are the case). It is not yet clear what causes the error but DVLA will always replace a faulty card if it is sent to them.

If a driver has what they suspect is a faulty card then checking the card with another vehicle unit is advised. If it is faulty you will need to complete a D777B form and send it, with the faulty card, to DVLA who will then send you a new card shortly after. You can contact DVLA on 0300 790 6109. You should do this within 7 days.

Once you’ve sent your card to the DVLA you may drive without your driver card for 15 days, but you must do vehicle print outs when you do so. Note, the procedure to do a vehicle printout is different from a driver card printout. Doing a vehicle printout is different for each vehicle unit, below are instructions relevant to most Siemens and Stoneridge units:

Siemens: Press OK once > Press down twice > Press OK three times

Stoneridge: Press OK twice > Press down once > Press OK five times

Basically – select the option for Vehicle Print out, 24 hours, with the current date.

You must do this before and after the shift and write the driver's name, driver number and signature on the back of the print out. Print outs are then treated like charts: the driver should retain them for 28 days and give them to the operator within 42 days to be retained for one year (two years if used for WTD purposes).

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